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DDXHamle - Web Platform Development

DDX Hamle

DDX Hamle is a web based platform run by TÜBİTAK TÜSSİDE to provide digitalization roadmaps to SME business by training and matching experienced consultants with them, based on Boğaziçi Industry 4.0 Platform’s D3A+ digital maturity model. The platform also offers financial KOSGEB support guidance for implementing the roadmap.


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1-20 employees


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DDX Hamle is a government backed programme managed on a web based platform. The platform matches consultants with businesses according to their specialties, experiences and educational backgrounds in addition to providing training programmes for consultants and financial KOSGEB support guidance for businesses. Tio partnered with TÜBİTAK TÜSSİDE for branding, web based platform and website development of DDX Hamle. 

DDX Hamle web platform brings consultants and small businesses together according to their needs and skills to support small and medium sized businesses to complete their digitalization. The platform provides a digitalization road map and leads businesses for KOSGEB financial support to become a more digital business. The platform also includes an education period required to become a consultant.

The digital maturity model D3A+ which DDX Hamle is based on, developed by Boğaziçi Industry 4.0 Platform in collaboration with Turkish Management Sciences Institute (TÜSSİDE). TÜSSİDE is a TÜBİTAK supported institute which specializes in administrative sciences and provides research, training and consultations to businesses. 

We worked with TÜBİTAK TÜSSİDE for their branding, website development to generate leads via landing page before launch, and web based platform DDX Hamle. 


The main challenge for DDX Hamle was the structure of the process which has too many complex steps to complete. The processes should be simplified. We should turn a very complex process into a digestible and accessible flow. 

DDXHamle - Web Platform Development

In addition to that, the platform’s user experience should be suitable for both consultants and small businesses. Since these two target groups have different tasks in order to complete the process, and they are different from each other in terms of digital literacy and work habits, user experience for these groups needed to be different. We aimed to build steps that lead people and help them complete each step in their user journey.

One of the challenges was matching businesses with consultants since every variable had too many status.

The platform also should be informative and lead businesses to get into the process, let them know about incentives and opportunities to get supported. 

DDXHamle - Web Platform Development


After a series of workshops and meetings with DDX Hamle, TÜBİTAK, KOSGEB AND BİLGEM we identified product requirements documents. Since the process needed to be simplified, we divided the process apart into 3 phases and worked on prioritizing for a while to identify optimal MVP for the project. 

Wireframes, components and other elements were designed and shared with them to get feedback before continuing to design. Considering Jakob’s Law, we give thought on the target user groups’ habits and expectations. As a result of that, we design a conventional interface instead of a brand new style, to make sure it’s easy to adapt and use. The platform should be informative and simple, so users feel comfortable since it may be hard facing change as a business. 

DDXHamle - Web Platform Development

Landing pages and onboarding had to be simple and understandable for both consultants and small businesses. The process’ structure was step by step, so we reflected this idea to the product. We created a user flow step by step which leads users in every step and only allows for the next step to make the experience flawless. 

While we are building user flow we also create conditional status for steps. There were also other factors such as the digital transformation roadmap could be provided only one a year for the same company etc. 

We used react for the front-end, strapi for the back-end. We care about using open source technologies to make our projects open to collaboration and future development.

The necessary data is provided to related corporations through API.


We rebuilt digitally a very complex process which includes a lot of time consuming steps from applying to programmes to get financially supported for implementing the digitization road map, as well as training to be matched to suitable business. 

First, the website went online. Then, after the launch of the platform phase 1 is completed. We developed a web based platform for DDX Hamle and they are ready to accept applications from consultants and small and medium sized businesses. The platform has three different user flows for businesses, consultants and admins. 

Businesses can apply to get into the process on the platform. If they are suitable, the platform leads them to get incentives from KOSGEB and inform them about it. They can learn their digital maturity level and request for a digital transformation consultancy whose output is digital transformation roadmap for their businesses. They can also view consultants and their old road maps. 

Consultants can get paid education on the platform and create a profile based on experiences, skills and education of them. They can view their status and can be a consultant after completing their education process. They can view and create digital transformation road maps on the platform too. 

Admins, on the other hand, can view and edit both consultants and businesses in detail. 

The platform will fill a gap for SMEs which want to benefit from industry 4.0 opportunities yet don’t have the required qualification to decide what to invest, how to measure and who to trust. On the other hand, qualified consultants will get a chance to reach specific education and become certificated. In the long term, results are expected to affect the digitalization level of businesses in Turkey. 

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DDXHamle - Web Platform Development