Tio x komün* Case Study | Building a Mobile App and a Website for a Scale-Up

Komün - Mobile App Development

komün* is a platform that provides several privileges to communities that consist of komün’s subscribers, based on their audiences. komün subscribers are “real people” who have more influence on their friends than influencers on social media and are ready to share stories and posts in exchange for privileges that communities offer.

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komün* is a platform that matches communities with their followers and let them interact on both komün* app and social media. Brands, organizations, artists or other parties can have communities within the app. komün* subscribers can join communities, if they are accepted, they can get advantages and privileges provided by the community such as discounts, commentary goods, free tickets etc.

Communities can offer a variety of privileges from accepting them backstage to free samples in exchange for little tasks such as sharing content about the community on social media. Communities can get the benefit of influencer marketing without influencers while subscribers enjoy the privileges of being in a community.

We worked with komün* to build their mobile app and API. We also redesigned and developed their landing page.


When we started to work with komün*, they had a functioning web-based MVP. Yet, they needed to provide a better user experience for explaining their service model to both communities and subscribers in addition to moving this functionality to the app. 

  • – The first goal was to transfer all functionalities of the MVP to the mobile app. Yet, there would be major feature improvements on the products in the long term. So the information architecture had to be suitable for improvements and should be flexible enough for pivots. The approach needed by the komün* is the values we adopt and observe for each product at tio, which made our partnership ideal.
  • – They have an online-only business model so one of the most important steps of user onboarding was payment flow. It should be easy and seamless so that potential users can become subscribers.
  • – One of the challenges was following their corporate identity and creating a design library, because komün* already had a strict brand identity. All the elements to be used in their app and landing page had to be integrated with their tone of voice. The team that will work for the komün* had to be a versatile and holistic team with different expertise, also well-versed in operational processes.
  • – Finally, the product had to be multilingual; The platform, which will be Spanish, English, and Turkish at the beginning, should always be ready for new languages.


We started with a discovery workshop to have a shared understanding of their services and needs. The whole process was based on collaboration and constant communication. Like we always do on our product development partnerships, we worked on shared documents and asked for their feedback during the design process. This way, we were able to benefit from their know-how in their niche while we design and develop. We are also able to go beyond developing a product for them and work as a tech-savvy solution team that solves the problems of the komün*.

We created a product requirements document which led us to a roadmap. We detected current features, added new ones and eliminated some others. We prioritized the features and created a version backlog. User scenarios were created to visualize the journey of users. Based on data from the komün* MVP, they decided to pivot the product before launch, some planned features were removed, others were added.

The website and the app should explain what they do as simply as possible since it is komün*’s prior goal to communicate better with their users. Easy and flawless onboarding and signup screens were a big part of it. Their service model had two sides, their landing pages and opening screens should be convincing for both social media users and communities. Considering the KPIs of the product, we worked on user scenarios and developed pages that would provide the conversion.

According to user scenarios we worked together, we tried to eliminate possible drop-offs while designing and developing, and leading users to complete conversions. 

We used React Native for mobile app development and Strapi for back end. Our Figma design file for komün* has become their UI system as new components and elements come.

komün*s app, website, admin panel and notifications should talk to each other and provide live data.The API we created makes this possible. So everything works together just like an orchestra plays together in harmony. 


We created a seamless user experience for komün* with a lean approach. The product became a perfect example of mobile app development with responsive and sustainable design for a scale-up company.

The audience they have from the website and MVP led to the mobile app since one of the main KPI’s of komün* is generating more subscribers. So, the onboarding started on the landing page and continued on the app. We developed micro-interactions for possible drop-offs in the user flow. Since there are some short term communities with great advantages, we keep past communities instead of removing them completely so that they would demonstrate new users’ previous privileges. There are also tags that show how many people have joined the community until then as a social proof.

User experience developed to be flawless, especially on onboarding and payment steps. According to the user scenarios we created, possible problems are solved and applied. We are still working with komün* team for further versions of the app and some other great features are on the way.

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